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Starting a garden bullet journal (bujo) is a fun and easy way to track plant growth throughout the season. These garden journal ideas are what work the best for tracking the plants in your garden. I’ve found that it is best to put bullet journal ideas into practice through practical application.  Making a gardening bullet journal for my plants is what I needed!

My Garden Bullet Journal

This year, I’m starting a garden bullet journal to help me better track the plants I’m growing. In the past, I’ve grown cacti, flowers, and tomatoes in pots on my porch. I didn’t track the plants before, and sometimes that lead to poor plant management because I didn’t make regular observations or routine care. I’ve studied biology and worked in science labs, so now I’m applying what I know from my experience with a garden bullet journal. With my bullet journal layout, I hope my garden grows better and I can have a better harvest.

Bullet Journal Cover for a garden bullet journal.

I made the actual cover without the year, if there is still room in the bujo, I can use it for more than one year.

After I made a basic cover, one of the first things I did was create a cover page for the bullet journal with the year. It is simple and represents what the bullet journal is for: gardening! This section of the bullet journal covers gardening for the 2019 season.

I used the basic bullet journal layout to set up the bujo with index pages and numbered pages.

Index page in a bullet journal for a garden bujo

Bullet Journal index

The Basic Plant Info Page

The first page design in my garden bullet journal is the basic information of the plants. I made a chart with the names of the plants, the type of plant, the plant date, when it will harvest or bloom, the height it can reach, and how much sun it needs. Within the categories, I took note of what was on the seed packets that I purchased, including the lot numbers, the origin, and the company.

Other categories you may want to include are soil type and plant space.

Plant information for a bullet journal page spread.

The Planting  and Growth Schedule Page

The second page of my bullet journal is where I created a calendar with the earliest that the harvest may happen marked for each plant type. This calendar can be crossed off as the days progress.

Plant Observations and Care Pages

The third page style is the Plant Observations and care. On this type of page, I will observe and take notes of the plants while they grow. This page includes a chart of the date, whether I watered the plant(s), which plant I’m taking notes of, and observations. Observations will include physical observations such as color, height, sprouts, and more. Also, that area will include the care or any direct changes I’m doing to the plant. My plan is for this page design to be used more than just once. I will make more as I take notes and care for my plants in my garden bullet journal.

Other Garden Bullet Journal Pages

Some other page ideas that I might incorporate as the season progresses and I harvest the herbs are:

  • Observational Drawings
  • Herb recipes
  • Herb drying techniques
  • Plant measurements
  • Weather
  • Watering

When starting a garden bullet journal, it is best to keep the pages simple. It shouldn’t take too much time to setup a bullet journal or track the care you are doing for your garden.

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