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Nurses don’t play cards. They are the hardest working people I know. They care for our needs when we are ill.

When they do get a break from their work though, it can be nice to sit down and play a game of cards with them.

Nurses don’t play cards

As a board game designer, I’ve created some nurse themed playing cards to help make light of how hard nurses work. The set I created has a heart-shaped stethoscope, a blood droplet, a reflex hammer, and a glove for the occupational suites. With 2 joker cards and nurses on the face cards, give a set as a gift or purchase one for yourself. I designed these cards using inkscape and had fun making them. They are able to be played like regular poker cards that can be shuffled without worrying about the direction the cards are rotated.

Nurses don't play cards at work. These cards are for play.

The medical symbols are fun and similar to a regular poker card deck. When I was designing them, I made 3 different face cards for the jack, queen, and king, also I designed a higher value trump ace card. By using the template from The Game Crafter, I was able to make sure the cards would be printed correctly. These cards are white, so they are protected with a UV coating that was applied during the printing process. The deck includes 54 cards (full suites and 2 jokers). Get your deck and start playing with this set of cards at The Game Crafter Today.

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