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Check out our game library to find new board games to play or see what games we love to play. In this list we share coolest board games for adults that we have in our library. Read on!

Please note:

This page is a work in progress and we are always updating it with our latest game purchases. Some of the games may not have our reviews available yet, but we are working on it.

To make it easier to find games, they are listed Alphabetically and as our collection grows, the games are added to this listing.

For each game listing you will find the following information:

  • The name of the game with the year it was published, number of players, and game length
    • A brief overview of the game.
    • Links to our game reviews that cover our thoughts and experiences with the game. (Work in progress)Our reviews give a brief overview of the gameplay and what one can expect the game to be like. We also list out our likes and dislikes, with detailed descriptions explaining our thoughts.


Onto the GAMES!!! 

We own each of the following games and wanted to share them with you because they are all games that we love to play on board game night..  Speaking of which, I haven’t added up how much to cost to buy all of these over the years… but I’m probably better off not knowing.  🤑

If you have any questions or game suggestions, please leave a comment below.


Abyss (2014) | 2-4 Players | 45min

Dive into the depths of Abyss where the throne is up for the taking. Build your influence with the allied races, recruit lords, and unlock locations as you fight for the throne. This game has some of the absolute best Artwork ever!


Abyss: Kraken Expansion (2015) | Requires base game Abyss to play

Introduces new Kraken allies, additional lords, loot cards, locations, and Nebulis (black pearls). Makes a great game even greater!


Alien Artifacts (2017) | 2-5 Players | 60 min

A 4X game with a Sci-theme where you play as 1 of 6 factions. Lead your faction to victory as you collect resources, build ships, research technology, and discover planets. Unique gameplay. Beautiful Sci-Fi theme and artwork. 4X stands for explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.


Alien Artifacts Discovery Expansion (2018) | Requires base game Alien Artifacts to Play

Adds new kind of resource (Alien) and some new Ships, Planets, and Technologies to the base game allowing for more variety of play.


Attack on Titan Deck-Building Game (2016) | 1-5 Players | 60-90 min

Staying true to its source material, fight the fearsome titans or die at their hands. Cards have a diverse amount of artwork from the anime series. Adds a unique movement mechanic for players to dodge/fight the Titans. This game is tough, rewarding, and a great cooperative experience.


Blood Rage (2015) | 2-4 | 60-90 min

Norse Viking themed area control game with phenomenal models. Gameplay is mostly drafting, strategic placement of your troops, and fighting battles. The game often surprises new players as it looks complex, but it is easy to play. I might even go as far to say it is a gateway board game.


Blood Rage: Gods of Asgard (2015) | Requires base game Blood Rage to play

Adds 6 Norse Gods (Odin, Thor, Tyr, Frigga, Loki, Heimdall) which influence the gameplay in unique ways. Had some great battles and interesting situations, like when Frigga stops everyone from dying when battles happen in her territory.


Bunny Kingdom (2017)| 2-4 Players | 45 min

Become a Rabbit Lord conquering new lands in the name of the Bunny King! Take on missions, build cities, and harvest the oh so precious GOLDEN CARROTS! Great Artwork! Cute and unique theme. Drafting and placement game mechanics. One of our favorite newer games. See our review for Bunny Kingdom HERE.


Cards Against Humanity (2009) | 4-20+ Players | 30-90 min

Self-described as “A party game for horrible people.” Like Apples to Apples, but with adult content. For a really crazy time, just swap these cards into a game of Pictionary as your drawing prompts.


CLANK! A Deck-Building Adventure (2016) | 2-4 Players | 60 min

Adventure into a dungeon to retrieve an artifact and all the treasure you can find, but beware of Niki, the DRAGON! Deck builder with a medieval theme that mixes up the gameplay by adding a map of the dungeon that you move around and fight monsters in with your cards. Great Artwork!


CLANK! Sunken Treasures (2017) | Requires base game CLANK! to play

Adds new cards, secrets, scuba gear, and a double-sided game board with underwater caverns in the dungeon.


CLANK! The Mummy’s Curse (2018) | Requires base game CLANK! to play

Adds new cards, secrets, a curse casting mummy, and a new double-sided game board with new pathways and areas for curses.


Dark Souls: The Card Game (2018) | 1-4 Players | 60 min

True to its theme, a dark, difficult, RPG card game. This game is hard, but it makes winning that much more rewarding. Cool positional combat and deck evolution system.

DC Comics Deck-Building Game (2012) | 2-4 Players | 30-45 min

Play as your favorite DC Heroes in this deck-building game while fighting their famous villains. Great Artwork!


Dice Forge (2017) | 2-4 Players | 45 min

Divinity themed dice rolling game. The dice have interchangeable sizes, allowing for you to customize your dice throughout the game. Simple gameplay with a focus on building the best dice you can to earn the most glory.


Dimension (2014) | 1-4 Players | 30 min

A fast-paced puzzle game where you stack spheres of various colors following randomly generated rules each turn.


Dungeon Roll (2013) | 1-4 Players |10-30 min

Press your luck in this game where you take on the role of a hero, form a party of adventurers and delve as deep as you dare into the dungeon. Be prepared to battle monsters and collect treasure but beware of the DRAGON! Great Dice Game. Best with 1-2 Players.


Dungeon Roll Hero Booster Pack #1 (2013) | Requires base game Dungeon Roll to Play

Includes an additional 8 hero cards for Dungeon Roll. Low cost and we liked the additional variety of heroes for the game.


Flatline (2017) | 1-5 Players | 45 min

Your ship is damaged, the crew is injured, and the life support systems are failing. Work as a team to treat injured crew members and deal with emergencies that arise. Great cooperative dice game.


Flipships (2017) | 1-4 Players | 30-45 min

Starship themed dexterity game. What is a dexterity game you ask? Well, you literally flip ship tokens and try to land them on enemy cards placed on the table. Truly unique concept and a different style of gameplay that you will not find elsewhere.


Forbidden Island (2010) | 2-4 Players | 30 min

Explore an island searching for 4 sacred treasures. Work as a team to achieve your goal but watch out for the rising water that is slowly submerging the island.


Gem (2015) | 2-4 Players | 30 min

Auction game where you take on the role of a Gem Collector trying to collect the most impressive gem collection. Unique gameplay that uses the card design in it. The whole game is about the size of a pack of gum. A lot of game for its size and cost.


KARUBA (2015) | 2-4 Players | 40 min

Hunt for treasures on the island of Karuba! Trail building puzzle gameplay. Highly Addictive! You have been warned! 🙂


Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game (2012) | 1-5 Players | 30-60 min

Playing as famous Marvel Heroes (X-Men, Thor, Hulk, etc.) take on famous Masterminds (Red Skull, Loki, Magneto, etc.)  and stop them from completing their evil schemes. Tremendous Replayability. Great Solo game mode in addition to the multiplayer mode. Awesome Marvel Artwork!


Legendary: Dark City Expansion (2013) | Requires base game Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game to play

More Masterminds, More Heroes, More Fun! Adds 17 heroes, 6 villain groups, 5 masterminds, schemes, and more. Awesome Marvel Artwork with even more diversity than the base game had.


Machi Koro (2012) | 2-4 Players | 30min

As Major of the City of Machi Koro, you are responsible for developing the right buildings and attractions for the city. Fast-paced dice rolling game with engine building elements.


Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion (2012) | Requires base game Machi Koro to play

Adds cards for a 5th player as well as bringing some new buildings to the game.


Nevermore: A Card Game (2015) | 3-6 Players | 45 min

Survival of the fittest drafting game. A simple system for combat, healing, magic, and earning glory.


Nurse Playing Cards

Unique designed cards for the caregivers in our lives, Nurses! Created by Naomi and printed at The Game Crafter.


ORC (2016) | 2 Players | 5 min

Use your orc clans to dominate the land and win battles. The whole game is about the size of a pack of gum. Super short filler game. Gameplay is about orc placement and winning battles. Each orc picture is unique for the Artwork. Makes use of the unique card design in the gameplay.


Pandemic (2008) | 2-4 Players | 45 min

As part of a teamwork to save humanity from 4 deadly diseases. A great cooperative game that can be suspenseful as you narrowly save cities and cure diseases. We have lots of good memories with this game. Including one where we forgot one rule and made the game insanely difficult, but still managed to win somehow. Epic!


Photosynthesis (2017) | 2-4 Players | 45-60 min

Pick 1 of 4 different tree types and grow your way to victory. Interesting gameplay where you collect sun, plant seeds, grow trees and harvest mature trees for victory points. Colorful components and great artwork. Another one of those unique games that really sets itself apart.


Quarriors! Dice Building Game (2011) | 2-4 Players | 30 min

Fantasy Themed Dice Building Adventure where you compete for the most glory. If you haven’t played a dice building game before, this is a great one to start with.


RUM (2016) | 2-4 Players | 15 min

Become a pirate rummaging for loot in a shipwreck while trying to avoid the PARROT! Another fun game the size of a pack of gum. Good value for the low cost. Main gameplay elements are set collecting and pressing your luck.


Skull King (2013) | 2-6 Players | 30 min

Argh!  This here be a Pirate themed trick-taking card game where ye bid on the number of tricks yer going to get. Interesting suits and variety of card types. We always have a blast playing this one. Easy to play and a lot of fun.


SCYTHE (2016) | 1-5 Players | 120 min

4X sci-fi themed game with gorgeous artwork with a primary game mechanic of engine-building. There are many paths to victory in this game. Highly Recommended!


SCYTHE: Invaders from Afar (2016) |Requires base game SCYTHE to play

Adds 2 new unique factions allowing for games of up to 7 people. The factions can be used in games with any number of players.


Sentient (2017) | 2-4 Players | 30-60 min

Sci-Fi Robotic theme where you calibrate robots into your system for points. Stunning artwork. Strategic placement, dice manipulation, and influence mechanics.


Small World (2009) | 2-4 Players | 40-80 min

Like Risk (yet very different) with fantasy races. Great artwork. Interesting gameplay as you will play multiple races each game.


Splendor (2014) | 2-4 Players | 30 min

You are a gem merchant trying to acquire the most prestige. Build your engine of mines, transports, and gem shops to win. One of the most addicting games ever.

Splendor Expansion: Cities of Splendor (2017) | Requires base game Splendor to play.

Includes 4 mini expansions that add a unique element to the original game of Splendor.


SPY (2016) | 2-4 Players | 10 min

You are a SPY trying to protect your secrets while discovering the secrets of your opponents. A game of deduction and memory. The whole game is the size of a pack of gum. Interesting gameplay that uses the card design to the games advantage. Good Artwork. Low cost.


Sushi Go Party! (2016) | 2-8 Players | 20 min

Card drafting game where you are trying to choose the best sushi and get the highest score. Careful, if you love sushi you might just have to get some after you play. Or maybe that’s just what happens to us. 😉


The Game of 49 (2014) | 2-5 Players | 30 min

Bidding game where you are trying to buy squares to form 4 in a row.


The Lord of The Rings Dice Building Game (2013) | 2-4 Players | 30 min

Like Quarriors, but with LOTR theme. Adds co-operative gameplay as players face the forces of evil. Note: you will want to download and print revised rules from WizKids.


There’s a Moose in the House (2004) | 2-5 Players | 10-20 min

A simple card game where you build rooms in other players houses and try to fill them with MOOSE!


Ticket to Ride (2004) | 2-5 Players | 30-60 min

Train route building game that uses real cities across a map of the US for you to build routes between and score points. Over 5 million copies of this game have been sold!


Unearth (2017) | 2-4 Players | 30-60 min

Exploration and reclamation of ruins themed game. Beautiful artwork. Dice rolling and strategic placement game.


Unexploded Cow (2001) | 2-6 Players | 25 min

Humor game themed around mad cow disease in England and bombs that need to be triggered in France. Luck and strategy game. Good artwork that meshes with the humorous theme.


Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Game (2015) | 1-4 Players | 30-60 min

Enter the fantasy world of Warhammer as you join a party and embark on missions battling all sorts of creatures. Deep strategy game, where careful planning and some luck are key to victory. Awesome artwork and lots of replayability.


Thank you for checking out our Game Library!

Please leave any questions or comments below.

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